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              February 11, 2017




the above photo was taken around 2007. The store changed owners in February of 2014 and then, again, on January 1st of 2016, with familiar faces behind the counter ! It is mostly the same menu and store layout.  Excellent food and friendly service, plus a mini-market.  They have on hand some delicious cookies, and brownies (baked in house) ::::  check out the counter ! They also bake Pizza to order. The coffee service and soft drink dispenser has been moved to the back of the store and there is a nice table that seats four.

Creston Area  Calendar of Events

If you would like your event advertised on this site, or if you have anything to contribute, or if you have suggestions, please email the Web Mistress at  or call her home phone at 805-438-3543.
  New on this site will be periodic updates on the History Page. Today: the Hord Family details taken directly from the 1984 edition of the Creston History. There is a copy inside the local Library ! After arriving in 1986, I bought the book, eventually, from Nancy Ryan around 1992. The 1994 edition was available for sale from the History Book committee and the brand new Country Store ! I am so happy to have made that investment. The 1994 edition has disappeared from the local Library, sadly.

The Creston Advisory Body meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month inside the Church Sanctuary. Check out their web site for details  ( see my Contacts page ) and the Bulletin Board for the Agenda that is posted 3 days before their meeting. The agenda is also posted inside the local Library ! All sorts of reports are given, such as Police, Fire, District 5 - Debbie Arnold, etc. If you have any questions, check out their informative web site - the address is on my Links and Contacts page ( see button above ).

Monday, Feb 13th  6:30 PM, the local Dressage ( horse riding ) club will host the first meeting of the new year at Templeton Farms, located at 1799 Templeton Road. New president, John Rees, will introduce the new board members and discuss the many shows and clinics on the calendar for 2017. More details at their web site::

Wednesday, Feb  15th  7 PM, 
Creston Advisory Body Meeting inside the New Church Sanctuary  -  this group advises our District 5  County Supervisor, Debbie Arnold, with issues that concern our local area. For details, their agenda is posted onto the Bulletin Board in front of the Post Office two days before the meeting, and on their very complete and well managed web site. The entire community is invited to attend, and there is a place for Public Comment at the meetings.

Thursday, Feb 16th  1 PM  Creston Garden Club meeting  -   it is at Beth's home and will focus on a presentation all about Cactus and Succulents !  New faces are always welcome. Our contact info is on the Contacts and Links button above, with the phone number of the President !! The club has two new program chairs this year. The January meeting was well attended and lots of great info was passed along regarding the maintenance of the Volunteer Garden irrigation system. Now is the time to dormant spray the fruit trees, especially those prone to Leaf Curl. All the many volunteers who help keep the Community Garden looking fantastic will be very busy with the weed abatement in their sections. The areas with the thick mulch are looking good and should stay that way. We should have a lovely spring when all of the fruit trees start blooming ! There are 6 new apple trees, planted last April, behind the Community Center along the back fence. Our community is so blessed to have our Garden Angels caring for this Creston treasure !



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