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the above photo was taken around 2007. The store changed owners in February of 2014 and then, again, on January 1st of 2016, with a few familiar faces behind the counter ! Excellent food and friendly service, plus a mini-market.  They have on hand some delicious cookies, and brownies (baked in house) ::::  check out the counter ! They also bake Pizza to order. I have had it and it is very tasty!

Creston Area  Calendar of Events

If you would like your event advertised on this site, or if you have anything to contribute, or if you have suggestions, please email the Web Mistress at  or call her home phone at 805-438-3543.

SAVE  THIS  date :      July  28th  - Raise the Roof Fund Raiser at  Olivas de Oro - La Panza Road
   NEWSFLASH  -     Our Pool  is   OPEN  !
   POOL  NEWS ::: hours for Monday thru Friday  =   Adult Swim from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm                                                                                                                   all age swim  from 12:30 - 4:30 pm
                            hours for Sat  and Sun =  all age swim  12:30 - 5:30 pm
New  - extended weekends only   = Aug  18th & 19th     Aug 25th & 26th     Sept  1st & 2nd       
   Continuing this year ::  Non-residents are asked for a $1 donation per person per day
   Follow the Pool information on Facebook at     "CCA Creston Pool Fund"  
   If you would like to make a donation via check to support the pool fund, please snail mail your check made out to the Creston Community Association and mail to PO Box 84, Creston  93432   THANK  YOU !
   BY  THE  WAY ::     I am  enjoying my  lap  swims  at  the  pool -  it is such a blessing !

NEWSFLASH :: Creston Compost now has retail hours ::  Tuesdays - Saturdays from  10 -3  - for appointments, call Bob at  805-674-7734  or  805-238-7866 !   100% organic blend of aged mushroom compost -  soil lab analysis provided -  $6  per cubic foot  ( 26 quarts ) which is about  1/2 the cost of premium store brands. Purchase by the yard and save another  $47.  Creston Compost is located at  6525 O'Donovan Road ! 

THANK YOU  TO  THE  COUNTY  PUBLIC  WORKS DEPARTMENT  and Debbie Arnold's office FOR  the beautiful job grading and resurfacing nearly ALL of our downtown streets  and  smoothing the transitions from the unpaved streets to the paved streets !   THANK YOU TO  ALL THE RESIDENTS  WHO  CONTACTED  DEBBIE  ARNOLD  REQUESTING THAT  THIS  WORK  BE DONE  !    - please thank Debbie if you can !

The Creston Advisory Body meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month inside the Church Sanctuary. Check out their web site for details  ( see my Links / Contacts page ) and the Bulletin Board for the Agenda that is posted 3 days before their meeting. The agenda is also posted inside the local Library ! All sorts of reports are given, such as Police, Fire, District 5 - Debbie Arnold, etc. If you have any questions, check out their informative web site - the address is on my Links and Contacts page ( see button above ).

CHECK  OUT  THE   FIRST  FRIDAY  WINE TASTING EVENTS -  LOCAL  - BY VISITING :::  Furthermore,  SAVE  the date :: March 3rd - Saturday --  New Olive Oil Release and Spring Party !  Bring your friends - noon  - 5  PM  located right here in Creston at  4625 La Panza Road.  You will not be disappointed !  

For those of you new to Creston, the Library is open on Tuesdays from 1 - 7  pm, Thursdays noon - 6 pm, and Fridays 10 am  - 4 pm. You can order whatever you want ( books, CDs  , DVDs, VHS movies, documentaries, pretty much ANY  magazine, etc ) by logging on to   and place your order, and then it can be shipped to the Creston Library for pick up during regular hours. 

   The local Friends of the Creston Library meets at  11 am on the Second Thursday each month. Lots of exciting activities at the Library ! the backyard project has made some progress in the last two years: a healthy, flowering Locust was donated by the Garden Club and installed into the ground by Kay and Paul Kunzler, two very young heirloom lilac bushes were donated by Ann Spencer from her mother plant, and a bushy guava with fuzzy green leaves all year long has been growing nicely. It does not produce flowers or fruit, YET !

    Thursday, July 12th,  2 pm  at our Library::  The  Bat Program !

   Wednesday, July 18th  7 PM  Creston Advisory Body  Meeting at the Community Church on O'Donovan, across the street from the Elementary School.  The agenda will be posted on to the Community Bulletin Board in front of the Creston Post Office. The Creston Advisory Body has a well maintained web site.

   Thursday,  July 19th,  2 PM at our Library ::  the Chris  Lopez Magic Show !

   Saturday,  July  28th  10  AM  - Car Clinic for the Ladies,  at Reeves Auto Repair in San Luis Obispo

     Saturday July  28th  4  - 8 PM  Raise the Roof Fund Raiser at Olivas de Oro, the local Olive Oil Farmers, located at   4625 La Panza Road ,  on the west side - can't miss the signs ! This farm suffered a horrible fire in their beautiful tasting room in June.  Here is your chance to help raise the funds to rebuild ! There is info on Facebook, and you can also email them  at   :::

   Thursday   August 2nd,  4 PM  Creston Library -   MOVIE  NIGHT !  "A League of Their Own" -  a family movie starring Tom Hanks and Madonna and  Gena Davis - an award winning film. Hosted by the County Library System.  More details at




            If your club has an activity that you would like to post here, please call Ann at 438-3543 or email her directly  at   ""      Thanks

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