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  The above photo was taken around 2007. The store changed owners in February of 2014 and then, again, on January 1st of 2016.   Sadly, the building was apparently sold ( according to Post Mistress, Rene ) in March 2020, and I watched as the Store was emptied out of the equipment and counters, etc, at the end of April 2020. Let's Pray that another store goes in some day. I just heard today - May 27th - that the new owners of the store were remodeling the inside and hope to bring back our beloved grocery store.

Creston Area  Calendar of Events

If you would like your event advertised on this site, or if you have anything to contribute, or if you have suggestions, please email the Web Mistress at  or call her home phone at 805-438-3543

  If you have any concerns about the Reopening of our County as regards lifting the stay at home order, please contact Supervisor Debbie Arnold or Supervisor John Peschong.  John's email address is     "". check my contacts page for Debbie's email address and office phone #.

  NEWSFLASH ::   ALL  LIBRARY PROGRAMS  HAVE  BEEN CANCELLED  UNTIL  further notice and the Library is closed.

NEW  DATE   --- SAVE   THIS  DATE ::: MAY  31th -  COMMUNITY  POOL  FUND RAISING  PARTY - POOL-OOZA - DO NOT MISS IT.  details are below  !!!    Please join me in supporting our beloved pool  !

HUGE   NEWSFLASH -  A Community Center for Creston has been a collective dream for over 25 years ( as of 2019) and is coming into its own thanks to the generosity of members of our community and two important granting agencies here in San Luis Obispo County, namely The Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County who awarded CATCH a Build Grant and San Luis Obispo County who awarded CATCH a Beautification and Infrastructure Grant in 2019. Together, these two grants allowed the CATCH Fund to construct a large, concrete patio with a metal shade structure that will be used by the community for events, celebrations and fundraisers of all types.  The CATCH Board's first event to make use of their new metal shade cover and pation was the annual Halloween celebration sponsored to local families free of charge by the Creston Women's Club and the Creston Garden Club. Kids and families come to "town" ( 9 square blocks) to grab a hot dog, baked goods, and candy at the decorated Community Center while socializing with friends and neighbors and admiring each other's costumes. They then head off to circumnavigate the "tiny town" of Creston and "Trick or Treat".

NEWSFLASH::  I have posted some new phone numbers and contact info onto the Links/Contacts page.  I have posted the addresses and phone numbers of our elected officials on the contact page.

DID  YOU  KNOW THAT  THE GARDEN CLUB  HAS AN AREA INSIDE  THE COMMUNITY  VOLUNTEER  GARDEN  WHERE CELEBRATION - MEMORIAL - HONOR  TYPE ENGRAVED  BRICKS ARE  INSTALLED ?  It is located at the main entrance, around the three birch trees that are in a huge raised planter !  Anyone can personalize a brick and help support the Community Garden Club - which uses proceeds to maintain and improve our gorgeous community garden - which is sort of like the only real  "park" located here in our Creston area !! Applications to create a personal brick are right there at the entrance to the Garden - which is located on Swayze Street, next to the Rodeo Grounds, and for more info on this idea, please call Judy at  805-226-9489. I have purchased two bricks so far -  one that honors friends and family, and the other that honors the memory of my two beloved BLM Mustangs, who were very dear to me, of course ! The cost for three lines is $75.  I am guessing that there are over 50 bricks in that area so far.

The Creston Advisory Body meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month inside the Church Sanctuary. Check out their web site for details  ( see my Links / Contacts page ) and the Bulletin Board for the Agenda that is posted 3 days before their meeting. The agenda is also posted inside the local Library ! All sorts of reports are given, such as Police, Fire, District 5 - Debbie Arnold, etc. If you have any questions, check out their informative web site - the address is on my Links and Contacts page ( see button above ).
For those of you new to Creston, the Library is open on Tuesdays from 1 - 7  pm, Thursdays noon - 6 pm, and Fridays 10 am  - 4 pm. You can order whatever you want ( books, CDs  , DVDs, VHS movies, documentaries, pretty much ANY  magazine, etc ) by logging on to   and place your order, and then it can be shipped to the Creston Library for pick up during regular hours.  Also, did you know that you can download a book to your electronic device right  inside the Library ?? and lastly, there is free WiFi right outside the Library,  24/7  // 365  !

   The local Friends of the Creston Library meets at  11:30 am on the Second Thursday each month. Lots of exciting activities at the Library !  Several local residents have been creating the landscape in the back yard.  Thank you to Brooke for installing the fantastic new drip irrigation system ! Loads of flowers, a cherry tree, a birdbath, daffodils, and lovely wood chips and outdoor picnic tables.

   The  only   thing that  is happening to my knowledge  is  the  POOL OOZA  POOL FUND EVENT  ON  MAY  31st--Sunday, from 11 AM - 3 PM, at the Community Center on Swayze Street. To see the map detailing the location, please visit  the  CCA  FaceBook  page  -  search  CCA !  And, please click the button "Going" -- I just did that about 5 minutes ago. I swim in this pool daily, so this is important to me !!

   Monday  June 1st Women's Club meeting  6 PM  at the Community Volunteer Garden at the end of Swayze St near the Rodeo Grounds.  Bring a drink and a snack.  This is not a pot luck.  New faces are always welcome at these meetings. No meeting in July or August. This wonderful club had it's roots in the early 1960's and established a scholarship program to help our students - of any age - with the expenses of a higher education, no matter the type of study. Well over $100,000 has been awarded and the funds are raised by hosting community fund raisers, such as the Spaghetti Feed, the Bingo Burger Bash, and, back in the late 1990's and early 2000's, the extremely popular Chili cookoff.


            If your club has an activity that you would like to post here, please call Ann at 438-3543 or email her directly  at   ""      Thanks

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