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Here is the contact info for our current elected officials:
 5th District Supervisor:  Debbie Arnold, 1055 Monterey St., Rm D430, San Luis Obispo  93408   805-781-5450

  State Assembly:  Jordan Cunningham,  444 Higuera St., #100, San Luis Obispo, 93401  805-549-3381

  US Congress Person: Salud Carbajal, 1411 Marsh St. #205, San Luis Obispo, 93401    805-546-8348

   To rent space inside the
Volunteer Community Garden, or, the Community Center, please contact the CATCH Fund representative, Rosie Hebron, at  238-1662      This has been popular for Celebrations of Life, Birthdays,  Anniversaries, etc.

Creston Advisory Body  ( aka the CAB ) meets at the Creston Church Sanctuary. Third Wednesday of the month at 7 PM. Check the Community Bulletin Board for the agenda, which is posted two days prior to the meeting.  Also, please be sure to follow the various issues, such as the Groundwater Basin Overdraft, which are followed at the meetings. If you contact the CAB chair person, Which is Sheila Lyons, at 239-0917, you can be on the email eblast every month, which includes the agenda, sent right to your computer. The meetings include reports from the local Sheriff and Debbie Arnold's office.
please visit

   To make a donation to the Women's Club  Scholarship Fund - the program that supports local students of all ages, seeking any type of higher education ( since 1960 ! ) that is managed by the Creston Women's Club,  make out your check to the "CWC" and mark "Scholarship Program" in the memo section, and snail mail it to "Scholarship Program"  PO Box 63, Creston CA  93432   All of the local students appreciate all of the efforts by our Community to help with their education.

 The Creston Garden Club meets, normally, at 1 PM on the third Thursday of each month. The location varies with the programs.  contact info is below for the current president, garden chair/manager,  and the membership chair.
To purchase a memorial brick at the Community Volunteer Garden, please call
 Judy Blankenship   at  226-9489 or email ""  The Garden is located at the end of Swayze Street, next to the Rodeo Grounds. The mailing address is  PO  Box 36, Creston CA 93432

   The Creston Women's Club meets at 7 PM on the first Monday of each month except not at all during July and August. The Sept meeting is moved around due to Labor Day. Meetings are sometimes held in the Garden and mostly inside the Community Center's little mobile trailer next to the creek.  For info, call Jennifer Best at 345-9066 or Rosie at 238-1662. Mailing address is  PO  Box  63, Creston CA 93432

    The Creston Classic Rodeo is held annually in mid-September. Proceeds benefit the continued construction of the Community Center, along with a scholarship program, and other donations to worthy causes. The web site is updated annually and does actually contain the list of the dozens of both local and not so local sponsors.
         please visit

Creston community organizations and business :::: contact people:

   Creston Community Volunteer Garden Coordinator/Contact : Sheila Lyons,  239-0917 or ""
   President of the Garden Club
for  2017 - 2019 is Beth Wray at  ""   Membership contact is Lynn Barstad at 226-9490.  Mailing address is  PO Box  36, Creston  93432

     Creston Women's Club -  Jennifer 345-9066

Creston Compost is located at 6525 O'Donovan Road - Premium Potting Soil is now available Tuesdays - Saturdays - 10  - 3  by calling Bob at 805-674-7734  or 805-238-7866 -- 100% organic blend of aged mushroom compost - soil lab analysis provided.  $6 per cubic foot ( 26 quarts )  - 1/2 the cost of premium brands. Purchase by the yard and save another $47  !

  Granite Ridge Christian Camp - on Coyote Creek Lane - 805-238-3582

    The Creston Library hours are Tues 1 - 7 PM, Thur  12 - 6 PM,  and Friday  10 AM - 4 PM 
  The address is  6290 Adams Street, across from the Elementary School, on the dirt road.
  The book sales are usually in March/April and again in Sept./ October. 

            Friends of the Library- meets at 11:30 am on the second Thursday of each month. Everyone is invited to help out with this group - no member dues ever. This Friends group supports library activities such as the children's reading programs, adult programs, movies, book / DVD etc. sales twice yearly, and is currently upgrading the Back Yard. Check out the Facebook page under "Friends of the Creston Library - California" !!  Cookie the Librarian  237-3010 and Brooke Forzetting  610-9489

  The CCA ( aka the Creston Community Association ) hosts a Dinner Dance !  A flier is snail mailed to all Creston residents in mid-May,or early June, announcing summer pool hours and requesting donations. The pool is open from right after school lets out until right before it starts again in August, plus a weekend or two before  and after. It is funded by various fund raisers and by direct cash donations from Creston residents.
            The CCA -  Creston community Association ( Pool people )  Lorraine Clark 239-2774 or Vicki Bittle at 238-0403.

     The CATCH Fund Board is headed by Audrey Beatty as president. The snail mail address (for any correspondence or donations) is  PO Box 14, Creston 93432    Meetings are held as needed and are attended by one or two representatives of the various local clubs, such as the Women's Club,  etc. 

           The Creston Church -  238-9197 :: Pastor JD Megason

    Creston Gymkhana Group --   Michele at  423-5389

      Creston  4 H  -  Julie Soto   238-7185 and Tom Bordonaro
Creston Fire State #50  - 238-4343 

   Creston Sheriff SLO County  -  781-4550

   Twin Cities Hospital - 434-3500

   CA  Highway Patrol -  1-800-835-5247

   CAL  FIRE  SLO  -

   P G & E outages  - 1-800-743-5002

   Allgood Custom Leather -  #travelcreston

   Granite Ridge Christian Camp  - 805-238-3582

   Creston & company -  email:

   Central Coast Trail Rides -  610-1306

   The Metal Shed ( metalworks )  238-1662

   Poison  Help  Hotline  1-800-222-1222

  Pet Poison Hotline 1-800-213-6680

   Suicide Prevention Hotline  -  1-800-273-8255

   SLO County Brand Inspector  -  805-338-1437

   San Luis Obispo County Seniors Travel Group -  Eileen   805-286-4360 ( Paso Robles and beyond )

    MORE  Creston contacts :

     Long Branch Saloon - 779-0028
      the elementary school - 238-4771
    the Creston Market - new phone ##  805-835-5016  call in your orders for deli   !
        the Library  -Cookie -- 237-3010 - open Tuesday 1-7, Thurs 12- 6,  and  Friday  10 - 4
       post office -Rene -- 238-3983
    the Loading Chute - 237-1259
   Bittle Day Care ( Vickie ) - 238-0403
           CDF / Cal Fire Burn Day info - 800-834-2876
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